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COVID-19 Protocols

To keep the clinic a safe space for both patients and therapists there is a strict cleaning protocol in place, using the guidelines recommended by BCCDC, Worksafe BC, and the massage college.   Treatment tables and high touchpoints in the treatment room will be cleaned after each patient including the washroom.  There has been more time scheduled in between each patient for the extra cleaning.  A thorough cleaning schedule is documented every day.

Prior to your appointment you will be emailed a covid pre screening questionnaire.  Your appointment will be rescheduled if the pre screening warrants it.

Therapists will be wearing a mask and we ask all patients to enter the clinic wearing a mask.

Upon entering the clinic, you will be asked to wash your hands for 20-30 seconds.  There will be single use hand drying options for you.

IF you have any question please call the clinic at 250-886-3215.

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